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“Companies that are not adequately engaged in industrial engineering are like houses build on the sand.
At Toyota we have a saying: IE makes money” 


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Almost all big companies around the globe divide themselves into smaller departments to facilitate the management process. Quite often these sub divisions within the company work lack cognition of each other's work. Industrial Engineering (IE) is one such highly specialized techno managerial area which integrates the entire organization as a single entity. And this area has all the benefits that a shareholder would want - better system efficiency directly translating into an increase in bottom-line.

Some of the most reputed companies in the world like Toyota practice Industrial Engineering with a religious zeal. No doubt Toyota is considered the benchmark in quality and productivity. Industrial engineering (IE) is about choices. IE gives practitioners the opportunity to work in a variety of businesses. The best thing about being an Industrial Engineer is that one can work to improve just about any area of the company, either alone or as a team.

'Industrial engineer' is synonymous with systems integrator - a big-picture thinker, in other words. It's an employee who takes what exists today and conceptualizes what should exist in the future. Many people are misled by the term "industrial engineer." The word 'industrial" does not mean just manufacturing. It encompasses wide span of industries ranging from FMCG, IT & System, Consultancy, and Banking & Financial Institution to Telecom

NITIE: 50 Years of Industrial Excellence


In India, National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) has been supplying the best Industrial Engineers to the country for the last forty years. NITIE an epitome of innovations was conceived with an objective of "Udyog Pragati". NITIE has always believed to be leader in the knowledge led productivity movement with a mission of nourishing the learning environment conducive enough to foster innovations in productivity and business development.

Located in the scenic surroundings of north Mumbai flanked by Powai and Vihar Lakes, NITIE was established in 1963. NITIE is governed by a Board of Governors comprising eminent personalities from government, academia and industry. It has been acknowledged as a centre of excellence along with the IITs, IIMs and IISc by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India.


For over three decades, students of NITIE have been instrumental in providing solutions to complex Industrial and Business problems, taking cognizance of ever changing needs of the dynamic business environment.
Widely sought after, NITIE’s post graduates have been overcoming the organizational challenges like
• Supply Network Uncertainties
• Complex Operations and Scheduling
• Enterprise-wide Integration

PGDIE: A Journey Since 1971


PGDIE is one of the very few courses that enjoy corporate excellence for over three decades. Its inception is to provide students with methodologies and systematic approaches to deal with diverse industrial challenges, PGDIE has evolved as a course for developing Managers with cross- functional skills.


The most distinctive aspect of the PGDIE programme is its breadth. The programme covers a variety of courses covering the areas of Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, IT and Systems, Marketing Management, Finance and Human Resources Management. The pedagogic approach includes regular industry interaction and method based teaching with present and future scenarios in view. The students go through a rigorous academic schedule and learn through most modern infrastructure and tools. The emphasis of the curriculum is on developing an all round personality that stands any challenge in the corporate world. The case studies, presentations, industry projects and co-curricular activities add to first hand experience and learning.


PGDIE students are also keeping up to the spirit of NITIE’s mission of industrial development. ‘Lakshya’ is India’s first and only On-the-Job Achievers’ contest. It is a unique endeavor of PGDIE students, where middle level managers present their accomplished projects and are judged by jury of corporate leaders. ‘Samiksha’, yet another effort of PGDIE students, is a panel discussion of industrial pioneers.