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NITIE publishes a Quarterly professional journal UDYOG PRAGATI: The Journal for Practising Managers. The journal deals with the developments in Industrial Engineering, Management and allied fields. The emphasis is on applied problems as applicable to various industries. We have brought out special issues focusing on specialised areas like:

  • Appropriate Technology

  • Commemorative Issue

  • Human Resources Development

  • Strategic for Globalisation

  • Manufacturing Trade and Financial

  • Entrepreneurship Development

  • Productivity

  • Managerial Effectiveness

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Material Management

  • Managing Transition Part I, II, III

  • Business Policy and Strategic Planning

  • Quality Management

  • Globalisation & Employment

  • Developments in cost Accounting and cost Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Towards Excellence in Corporate Finance

  • Marketing

  • Excellence in Customer Service

  • New Perspectives in Industrial Engineering

  • Technology Forecasting & Management

  • Knowledge Management

  • Money & Finance

  • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

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Authors interested in writing Articles for " UDYOG PRAGATI " in any of the above may send their Articles / manuscripts to  Editor, Udyog Pragati. Guidelines for Authors

All manuscripts should be sent to:

Udyog Pragati
National Institute of Industrial Engineering ( NITIE )
Vihar Lake
Mumbai- 400 087.
Tel. : (022) 2857 3371 *  Fax : (022) 28573251
Email- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


UDYOG PRAGATI is subscribed by various business, industrial, private and public organizations interested subscriber of journal may send the necessary membership fee. Reprints of any particular issue can be made available on chargeable basis.



Publication Committee


 Chairman  Members
 Dr. Amitabha De  
 Director, NITIE  Dr. D. K. Srivastava
   Dr. L. Ganapathy
   Dr. B. M. Godeswar
 Editor  Prof. A.K. Pundir
 Dr.(Ms.) Mani  K Madala  Dr. S. B. Hiremath
   Prof. (Mrs.) R. D. Chikhalkar
 Member Secretary  Prof. (Mrs.) Seema Unnikrishnan
 Mr. R. L. Samota  Dr. Milind Akarte
 Registrar  Dr. Suman Mukhopadhyay