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Prof. (Mrs.) Neelima S Naik

B. Sc (Hons), M. S. (Penn State, USA), Fellow of NITIE,

Professor and Group Coordinator ,
Industrial Safety & Environment


Area of Expertise

  • Industrial & Environmental Noise Management
  • Industrial Waste Water Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Executive Health & Nutrition

Research & Projects

  •  MHRD - sponsored projects entitled
              1. "Modernisation of Ergonomics Laboratory" at NITIE,  Mumbai.
              2. "Environmental Engineering Project" at NITIE, Mumbai.
  • DNES-sponsored Project entitled
              1. "Biogas Technology" at IIT, Bombay
              2 "Harnessing Electricity Using Animal Power" at NITIE Mumbai.
  • AICTE-sponsored Project on "Bench Marking in Safety" at NITIE, Mumbai,
  • IIPC-sponsored
              1. "Noise Study of Vehicular Transport in Mumbai", at NITIE, Mumbai.
              2. "Evaluation of Environmental Management in an Industrial Estate"
                  at NITIE, Mumbai.


  1. Neelima Naik," Noise Study of Two Traffic Junctions in Mumbai", Journal of Acoustical Society of India XXVI (3-4) 15-20,1998.
  2.  Neelima Naik "Noise Assessment in a Pumping House and Workers' Hearing Impairment-A Case Study", Journal of Acoustical Society of India XXVII (1-4) 161-164-20,1999.
  3. Neelima Naik "Noise assessment, Audiometry of Traffic Personnel, and Community Survey at Two Traffic Junctions in Mumbai", Proceedings of Inter-Noise 2000.
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  8. Neelima Naik, “Indian Women and Environment: Vulnerability, Efforts and Opportunities” [with Vijaya Gupta, and Meenal Shrivastava] Interdisciplinary Environmental Review, Vol.6 (No.2), 2004.
  9. Neelima Naik, “Environmental Management in an Industrial Estate in India" [with Seema Unnikrishnan and Gouri Deshmukh], Paper accepted for the International Journal of Cleaner Production, Elsevier Science 2005.

Teaching and Training

 Subjects Taught at PG level

  •   Environmental Chemistry
  •   Environmental Ecology and Microbiology
  •   Essentials of Life and Ecological Sciences
  •   Environmental and Industrial Noise Control
  •   Industrial Waste-Water Management
  •   Environmental Impact Assessment
  •   Environmental Management
  •   Physical Work Environment
  •   Health Care Systems
Management Development Programmes (MDPs) offered

More than 80 MDPs with the following titles have been coordinated and run successfully independently or jointly

  •   Environmental Management
  •   Environmental Impact Assessment
  •   Human Factors Engineering and Productivity
  •   Noise Management in Industry
  •   Environmental Management for Developmental Projects
  •   Occupational Health and Safety
  •   Human Factors Engineering for Improving Productivity
  •   Safety and Environmental Legislation
  •   Industrial System Design for Productivity and Safety
  •   Consumer Ergonomics
  •   Ergonomics and Safety
  •   Human Factors Engineering and Industrial Productivity
  •   R & D Management·
  •   Developing Supervisory Skills
  •   Industrial Safety Design for Productivity and Safety
  •   Women Executives and Managerial Skills,
  •   Management of self
  •   Supervisory Skills for Effective Performance
  •   Self Development Workshop for Executives
  •   Effective Communication
  •   Personal Growth Workshop
  •   Personality Development Workshop for Managers
  •   Managing Self
Unit Based Programmes (UBPs) offered (jointly)

  •   Environmental Management (ONGC, GAIL, BPCL)
  •   Environmental Management for Engineering (IPCL)
  •   Environmental Management for process Industries (Atul Limited)
  •   Training in Environmental Science (Indian Register of Shipping)
  •   Environmental Impact Assessment (Department of Personnel and Training, GoI)
  •   Noise Management in Industry (MoEF, GoI)
  •   Safety, Health & Environment (CFCL)
  •   Safety on Rig (ONGC)
  •   Maintenance Management (HPCL)
  •   Effective Communication & Presentation Skills (C&PS for UNICEF)
  •   Supervisory Development (ONGC)
  •   Noise Pollution Control (MPCB) (Independently)
  •   Strategic Environmental Management (NTPC)    
Teaching Experience

  • Professor, Industrial Safety & Environment Group, NITIE, Mumbai, from June 2000.
  • Associate Professor, Industrial Safety & Environment Group, NITIE, Mumbai, February 1997 to June  2000.
  • Assistant Professor, Industrial Safety & Environment Group, NITIE, Mumbai, May 1993 to February 1997.
  • Lecturer, Ergonomics and Safety, from May 1990 to May 1993.
  • Research Associate, Industrial Safety & Environment Group, NITIE, Mumbai, July 1986 to May 1990.
  • 10 years research and training experience in including Penn State University, USA; IIT, Mumbai and different academic institutions affiliated to SNDT, Pune & Mumbai University.
Research Guidance
  • Guiding  Fellowship students on 'Environment Management Issues for Port Sector' & 'Environmental Noise Management'.
  • Guided about 25 MBA dissertations in Environment Management area.

  •  Udyog Pragati: The Journal for Practicing Managers, Mumbai

  • Advisory Board of  Institute of Management Technology  Ghaziabad , India
  • Governing Council of Indira Institute of Management , Pune, since 2001.
  • Governing Council of Sinhgad Institute of Management , Pune, since 2001.
Development Programmes/Administration at NITIE
  • Member, NITIE Board of Governors from December 2006- December 2007.
  • Group Coordinator, Industrial Safety and Environment Management Group from 2003.
  • Chairperson, Standing Committee, from 2007.
  • Faculty-in-Charge of Industrial Environment Laboratory from1996.
  • Chairperson, Library Committee, 1998 - 2004.
  • Member, PGP committee (1995-96, 2003-04).
  • Member, Medical and Health Care Committee from 2001.
  • Chairperson, Complaints Committee to examine complaints of 'Sexual Harassment of women at work places' from 2001.
  • Member, Management Council 2001-2003.
  • Member, Sponsored Research Projects Committee, from 2003.
  • Member, Sponsored Research Projects Committee, from 2003.
  • Chairperson, PGP Rules & Regulations Review Committee, 2003.
  • Member of Standing Committee, from 2005.
  • Member, Library Committee, from 2005.
  • Member, Steering Committee, Ergonomics @ NITIE, 2006.
  • Active contributor to the launching of Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety and Environmental Management (PGDISEM) at NITIE.
  • GD /Interview Panel Member for Selection of Students for PGDIE, PGDIM, and PGDISEM, 1999.
  • Chairperson/Member of Screening/Selection/Organizing/Fact Finding/Course Material Stream Lining/National Integration Celebration/Communal Harmony & Fund Raising Committee.
  • Treasurer, NITIE Faculty Forum (Sept. 2002 to April 2004).
  • President of NITIE Women Employees' Welfare Committee (NWEWC) from 1994-97.
  • Chairperson, committee for security for ladies hostel from 2006.
Self Development

Successfully completed the ISO 14001 Advanced Lead Auditors course conducted jointly by DNV Technica and Qualteam consultants in February 2006.

Life Membership
1. Indian Science Congress Association
2. Acoustical Society of India
3. Indian Institute of Public Administration
4. Nutrition Society of India

Conferences and Seminars

Executive Experience in Organizing Seminars/ Competition 
  • One - day Management Seminar on 'Industrial Safety & Environmental Management', held at NITIE, Mumbai, December 2, 1995
  • One - day Seminar on 'Cleaner Production-Issues & Implementation for Sustainable Development',  held at NITIE, Mumbai. February 25, 2004
  • Green Venture Competition in Association with Yuvak Biradari (Bharat) and SVKM on 18-19 November, 2008.
Conferences and Seminars Papers Presented in:

  • "Noise assessment, Audiometry of Traffic Personnel, and Community Survey at Two Traffic Junctions in Mumbai", presented in Inter-Noise 2000, held at Nice, France, August  2000.
  • "Festival Noise and Noise Regulation in India" presented in Inter-Noise 2003, held at Jeju, Korea, August 2003.
  • "Woman and Environment in India; Vulnerability, Efforts & Opportunities" jointly with V. Gupta and M. Shrivastava, Presented by M. Shrivastava at the 10th Interdisciplinary Conference on Environment held in Boston, USA, July 2004.
  • "Implementation of Noise Rules Restricting Use of Firecrackers & Loudspeakers & Public Awareness of Related Legislation".  Presented in Inter-Noise 2006, held at Honolulu, Hawaii from 3-6 December, 2006.
  • Chaired a Session on 'Differences in Community Responses Between Various Noise Sources & Alternative Noise Metrics II ' in the above Conference.
  • "Impact of No Honking Day in reducing Road Traffic Noise",Presented in Internoise 2008, held in Shanghai, China, October 26-29, 2008.
  • "Environmental Pollution and its Impact on Man - An Overview" presented in the Seminar on Public-Private Co-operation and Participation in Sustainable Development, Goa, 1994
  • "Evaluation of some Indigenous Hearing Protective Earplugs" presented at the National Seminar on Human Engineering (Ergonomics), Pune, 1995
  • "Noise Study of Two Traffic Junctions in Mumbai", presented at the Annual Symposium of Acoustical Society of India, Calcutta, December, 1998.
  • "Noise Assessment in a Pumping House and Workers' Hearing Impairment-A Case Study, Presented at the NSA - 99, at Sivakasi, September, 1999.
  • "Recycle and Reuse in Fly-ash Utilization", presented in the International Seminar on Environment organized by BSES-MI and IISF, August, 2000
  • "Issues in Cleaner Technologies: Problems and Prospects" National Seminar on "Cost Benefit Issues in the Adoption of Cleaner Technologies, April, 2002.
  • "Indoor Environment in Modern Offices-Noise as a Stressor" presented in the International seminar on Humanizing Work and Work Environment (HWWE-2004), at NITIE, Mumbai in April 2004.
  • "Festival Noise Pollution & Control", Presented at the National Acoustics Symposium, held at NAL, Bangalore, December,2005.
Conferences/Seminars,Participation in
  • "Noise Control Studies of Suburban Bombay", IIT Bombay, 1993.
  • "National Conference of Indian Association of Occupational Health and International Update ", Mumbai, January. 1994.
  • "A Workshop on Environmental Auditing" Bhopal, August, 1995.
  • "National Seminar on Environmental Economics and Urban Policy" IGIDR, Mumbai, 1995.
  • "One Day Seminar on Cost-effective Communications", Mumbai, 1996.
  • Workshop on Safety, Health and Environment at Workplace-Challenges of 2000 AD, Mumbai 1996.
  • "Workshop on Standardization of Health Management Training courses" at Delhi, 1997.
  • Workshop on Standardization of Health Management Training courses at Mumbai, 1999.
  • Four Days Workshop on "Ergonomic Checkpoints" IIT, Mumbai. 1999.
  • Seminar organized by US-ERC on use of Solar Energy for treating Waste Water, Mumbai, 2001.
  • Three day Conference on "Eco-balance and Life Cycle assessment in India, IGIDR, Mumbai, 2002.
  • One day Seminar on "Noise Pollution -Towards Noise free Mumbai" YBC Auditorium, October, 2004.
  • One day Seminar on "Environmental Noise Management" YBC Auditorium, August, 2006. 
  • 3rd National Conference on "Women in Leadership Roles-The Way Forward", 5-6th December,2008, hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi.


Involvement in Consultancy assignments 
  • Manpower Assessment Consultancy for Voltas, Thane 1993.
  • Noise Assessment for BMC Pumping Station, Bhandup, 1994.
Pre-Consultancy Surveys Handled 
  • PCS on Noise Assessment for Indian Rayon, Veraval 1995.
  • PCS for Noise Control for Godrej Soaps, Mumbai, 1997.
  • PCS on "Ergonomics Survey" for Sundaram Fasteners Ltd. Padi, Chennai, 2004.
  • PCS on "Ergonomics Survey" for DSCL, Kota, Rajasthan, 2004.
  • PCS on "Increase in Production & Reduction of Easte" for Interlabels Industries Pvt. Ltd., Thane, 2004.
Community Service
  • NITIE stall in "Envirosafe" organized  by DISH and Rotary Club of Thane for bringing in environmental awareness in the community, 1994.
  • Member of Selection Committee for the PRT/TGT for KVS, 1994-95.
  • Judge for various competitions held during Hindi Fortnight/National Integration celebrations in NITIE.
  • Popular Science articles written in reputed Marathi Magazines.
  • Vice Chairman of a Trust- Shubhalaxmi Pragati Mandal,Thane since 2000.


  • Reference India-1990
  • Biography International-1993
  • Indo-American Who's Who-1994
  • Indo-European Who's Who-1995
  • International Who's Who of Professional and Business Women-2000

My Family

My family is my husband, two sons and me. The elder son is a Geologist and the younger one, an Engineer working  in USA.

Contact me

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