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Prof. (Mrs.) Seema Unnikrishnan

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M.Sc Environmental Toxicology,
PGDEL - Environmental Law
Fellowship of NITIE Equivalent to Doctorate [ Hazardous Waste Management]

Associate Professor,
Environmental Management


Area of Expertise

  • Environmental Management

  • Environmental Law, ISO Standards, ISO 14001

  • ECM and Cleaner Production

  • Air Quality Management and Carbon Trading

  • HazardousWaste Management,

  • Disaster management 


  • "Modernisation and Upgradation of the Environmental Engineering Lab", sponsored by MHRD which was completed in the year 2000. Co ordinator of the project.

  • Safety bench marking project sponsored by AICTE - Investigator in this Project

  • "Expansion and Modernisation of the Environmental Engineering lab" Extension project sanctioned in year 2002 under the MODROB scheme of MHRD and completed in Year 2003 - Chief Coordinator of this Project

  • " Cost Benefit Analysis of Cleaner Production Technologies in Indian Industries ", Sponsored by the World Bank, through IGDIR completed in 2001. Co investigator of the project

  • " The impact of ISO 14001 implementation in Indian Industries " Sponsored by AICTE through IIP cell completed in 2000. Chief Coordinator of the project

  • " Environmental Strategies for Taloja Region completed in Dec. 2003 under the industry institute partnership cell of NITIE and sponsored by AICTE. Principal Investigator of this Project.

  • "Vehicular pollution monitoring project" sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Forests and the Biological Monitoring of Off shore Marine Outfalls, while working in the Central Pollution Control Board, Sectional office, Pondicherry , 1989-1992 

  • Consultancy project: Active team member of the ONGC consultancy project on Up-gradation and integration of operation Manuals. As a part of this assignment we have made 16 operation manuals for each plant at ONGC Uran

  • Team member of the NTPC consultancy projects on Developing sustainability reports for NTPC   plants in Jhanor, Kawas etc.


Journal Publications

  • A Comparative Study of Hazardous Waste Legislation and Management". Journal-Encology, Vol.11,no.9 -. Pp-13-21 February 1997 [ With Dr. Thomas Mathew]

  • " Strategic Management of Hazardous Wastes in India ".Journal -Productivity ", Special Issue - Green Productivity, vol.37 no.4.pp-603-610 January - March 1997 [ With Dr. Thomas Mathew]

  • "Legislative Framework for hazardous waste management in India". - International Journal -" Technology and Environment" G.I.T. Verlag, UTA International, Germany .vol.6 pp-73-77.Jan 1998 [ With Dr. Thomas Mathew]

  • Seema Unnikrishnan, "Environmental Performance Evaluation ",Journal - Udyog Pragati , Apr. 1999.

  • Role of ISO 14000 in Cleaner Production "Journal of " Plant Engineering.pp - Vol. 1 , no.1 pp.5-9 April 2001 [with Dr. Thomas Mathew] 

  •  Positive impact of Cleaner Production Technologies. Journal- "Technology Trends Vol.3, no.3,pp.54-60. Mar.2002[ With Dr. Hegde and Dr. Thomas Mathew ]

  • Driving Forces and barriers in cleaner production - Two Case Studies'  Journal of Environment and Development, Serial Publications Vol.1, no.1, June 2004.[ with Dr. Hegde]

  • Seema Unnikrishnan, Neelima Naik, Gouri Deshmukh" Eco- Industrial Estate Management - A case study" Journal of Resources, Energy and Development, TERI Publication September 2004, vol. 1 pp 75-90

  • Seema Unnikrishnan, D S Hegde, “ An analysis of cleaner production and its impact on health hazards in the work place”, Journal – Environment International, Elsevier Science Publication, 2005. Jan 2006, vol-32, issue-1, pp.87-94. Available online on science direct from July 2005.

  • SeemaUnnikrishnan,, D.S. Hegde, “ Environmental training and cleaner production in Indian Industry., International journal, “Resources, Conservation and recycling”, June 2007, Vol.50, issue 4,pp.427-441. Elsevier Science Publication Available online on science direct

  • Seema Unnikrishnan, Sanjeev Varma, “ Indian Aviation Industry- Consumer Concerns or Environmental Disconcerns” National Journal – Economic Challenges,  No.10, Issue 37, Oct – Dec. 2007.PP.6-8

  • Seema Unnikrishnan, Anju Singh, “Energy Recovery in Solid waste management through CDM in India and other Countries International journal, “Resources, Conservation and recycling”, Accepted in Nov.2009. Elsevier Science Publication .Available online on science Direct. doi:10.1016/j.resconrec.2009.11.003


Conference and Seminar Publications

  • Paper presented at the National Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society. The paper presented is on Combined Action Of Propanolol and Histamine on Isolated Frog 's Heart. [March 1989].

  • Paper presented and published in the proceedings of the 38th National Convention of the Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering. The paper is titled "Hazardous waste Management and Life Cycle Analysis". [Dec.6-7th 1996]

  • Paper presented in the International Conference for a cleaner and safer environment at Mumbai The Paper is Titled " ISO 14000 and Life Cycle Assessment ".[Nov. 26, 1997] 

  • Paper accepted for the Costa Rica conference on "Health and safety in pesticide use "The paper is titled "Pesticide management policies in India". 1997.

  • Paper accepted for the International Conference at Singapore Conducted by WEFTEC, Asia, The Paper is Titled " ISO 14000 and Pollution Prevention " [ March1998].

  • Paper presented and published in the proceedings of the "9th World Congress on quality Organised by IOD -Institute of Directors, at Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai. The paper is titled " ISO 14000 and Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing" [8-10th,Jan,1999]

  • Paper presented in the Seminar on Foundation for ISO 14001 Certification conducted by the Bombay chamber of commerce and Industry at Mumbai. Presentation was on ISO 14001 Implementation – Case Studies [1-10-1999]

  • Paper presented and published in the proceedings of the "10th World Congress on quality", Organised by IOD at Oberoi Hotel, Mumbai. The paper is titled " Impact of ISO 14001 implementation in Indian Industries ".[15th to 17th,Jan, 2000]

  • Paper Presented in the International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environment. The Paper is Titled "ISO 14000 and Cleaner Production. Co - author of another paper presented at the same conference titled , " Pre-emptive Technologies "[17th to 19th August, 2000]

  • Co-author of the Paper presented in the International Conference of the pharmaceutical Industry. The paper is titled Cleaner production in Pharmaceutical Industry. [18th sep, 2000][With Dr. Thomas Mathew]

  • Paper presented in the National conference titled " Technology Solutions for Pollution Control. at Thane Mumbai. The Paper is titled " Positive impact of cleaner production technologies" "[ October - 2001]

  • Paper presented in the 2 days National seminar on " Cost Benefit issues in Cleaner Technologies" at NITIE The Title of the paper is " Cost Benefit Analysis of Cleaner Production Technologies - Case Studies". [ 5-6th April, 2002].

  • Paper presented and Published in the Proceedings of the National Conference on " Humanizing Work and Work Environment", conducted by TIFAC Center of Relevance and Excellence in Ergonomics at NITIE on 22nd to24th April 2004. The paper is Titled "Impact of Air Pollution Prevention on Health Hazards 

  • Abba Elizabeth, Seema Unnikrishnan, Rakesh Kumar [BAQ-2006], Indonesia, Dec.17th 2006.The title of the paper is “ Policy issues of PM2.5 levels in Indian Cities Vis-à-vis other cities Worldwide and its relevance to India

  • Abba Elizabeth, Seema Unnikrishnan, Rakesh Kumar, “ Paper Presented in the National conference on “Business Optimization Research Wave” , February 15th -17th 2007 at NITIE, Mumbai. The paper is titled “ Review of fine particulate source apportionment studies in different continents”.

  • Jinu Kurien, Seema Unnikrishnan, D S Hegde, “ Paper Presented in the National conference on “Business Optimization Research Wave” , February 15th -17th 2007 at NITIE, Mumbai. The paper is titled “ Factors influencing the implementation of environmental Management practices in the chemical industries of Ankleshwar, Gujarat”.

  • Neelima naik, Seema Unnikrishnan, Anju Singh and S Murthy, “ Paper Presented in the National conference on “Business Optimization Research Wave” , February 15th -17th 2007. The paper is titled “Integrated waste Management at NITIE – A Case Study. 

  • Seema Unnikrishnan, “ Air Pollution control through CDM and its impact on Industry”   presented in the International Symposium on Environmental science and Technology held in Donghua University, Shangai, China  from June 2nd to 5th June 2009.

  • Jinu Kurien, Seema Unnikrishnan, D.S Hegde, “Eco – Innovation in Corporate Environmental Management Some experiences in selected Chemical Industry in Ankleshwar”, Gujarat” paper presented in the  Ninth Global Conference on Flexible Systems Management GLOGIFT 2009 at NITIE. Nov. 12-14th 2009

  • Anju Singh, Seema Unnikrishnan “Role of CDM in Climate Change and its Impact on India” presented in The International Conference on Climate Change and Developing Countries(CCDC-2010 - February 19-22, 2010 at Kottayam, Kerala).  In consideration for publication in Energy and Environment Journal.

Other Publicartions

  • Under the continuing Education Project of AICTE, Module on Environmental Legislation has been written

  • Publiished a paper on " Trade and Environment" in the Sheel E Magazine , April to June 2002 issue.

Teaching and Training

  • Subjects Taught at PG level

    • Air quality Management

    • Environmental Chemistry

    • Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing and LCA

    • Environmental legislation

    • Hazardous Waste management

    • Economic and Environmental Perspectives

    • Environmentally Conscious Operations

  • Fellowship Course Taught

    • Systems approach to Management

  • Training -Have conducted more than 50 MDP and UBP programmes as the course leader MDPs were conducted in the following areas

    • Air pollution Control

    • Environmental Legislation

    • Waste Minimisation and Recycling

    • Environmental Management

    • Cleaner Production for Green Productivity

    • ISO 14001 and Environmental Management

    • Safety Health and Environmental Management Systems

    • Industrial Disaster Management

  • Unit Based Programs Conducted the following tailor made programs as course leader

    • Safety Health and Environment Progrmmes 

      • for Ranbaxy at Delhi
        Sterlite Industries at Aurangabad
        United Phosphorus Ltd at Ankleshwar
        Chambal Fertilizers Ltd at Kota, Rajasthan on Dec. 5th –6th 2005
        Legal requirements for ISO 14001 -[ 3 tailor made UBPS for Larsen and Toubro LTD ] 2 at powai and 1 at Faridabad

    • ISO 14001 awareness programme for Godrej and Boyce, Vikroli, Mumbai

    • Environmental Management for process industries
       For Atul, at Valsad
      Gas Authority of India, Compressor Station at Jabua - 2 UBPS
      IPCL at Nagothane &  BPCL Mumbai

    • Environmental Science:Indian Registrar of Quality System at NITIE [2 in no] 

    • Environmental Science program for Indian Registrar of Quality System at NITIE [2 in no]

    • Disaster Management Program for: Boruka Power Corporation Ltd. Banglore in December 2007

    • Strategic Environmental Management Program for NTPC senior officers – General Managers and D.G.Ms  at their western Headquarters, Mumbai on 29th Sep.2008. The main focus of the program was climate change and Carbon trading.

    • Clean Coal Technologies and Carbon markets for NTPC, Ramagundam Plant in August 11th -12th 2009

  •  Other Responsibilites

    • Member of the Expert Panel of IRQS - Indian Register of Quality Systems for Environment Management System [EMS for ISO 14001] [1998 till date]

    • Member of the post Graduate Programme Committee of NITIE [1998 – 2002, 2005 –2009]

    • Member of the Library Committee of NITIE [1998 – 2004] Warden of the Ladies Hostel, NITIE [1998-2002]

    • Member of the Standing Committee, NITIE [1999 – 2002]

    • Member of Publications committee, NITIE [2001 –till date]

    • President of the NITIE women employees welfare committee {NWEWC] for 3 years from 2001 till 2003.

    • Member of the Editorial board of the Sheel E- Magazine [2002 till date]Member of the Board of Research, NITIE {2004 – till 2009]

    • Member of the Expert Stakeholder committee of the  Certification agency – RINA for ISO 14001 [ April 2008 till date]

Disaster Management Workshops by National Disaster Management Authority  [ NDMA]

  • Participated by representing NITIE in the group on managing man made Disasters at the National Workshop on  “ Disaster Management – Role of Scientific and Technical Institutions “ organized by NDMA [ National Disaster Management Authority] , at MCR HRD Institute of Andhra Pradesh, Mar 24th –25th, 2006.”

  • Participated in the workshop on Draft National Policy on Disaster Management and represented NITIE as a group member of the Group made on  ‘Institutional, Legal and financial arrangements and Research and Development” to finalize the Disaster management Policy of India. Gave recommendations to improve the Disaster management policy of India [on behalf of NITIE.] This was organized by NDMA at MCR HRD Institute of Andhra Pradesh, on  Oct 27th 2006.”


  • Received Jawaharlal Nehru proficiency award from the Government of INDIA- 1989

  • Gold Medalist [ M Sc.]- Madras University - 1989

  • Director’s Citation for Exemplary performance from NITIE on August 15th 2004.

My Family

My Husband is the Executive Director of Lexicon Finance Ltd and My daughter 15 years old, studying in 10th std.


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