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Tenders & Notices

नवीनम निविदाए



Tender Document for Ambulance Services (Hiring of Ambulance Vehicle)   
Supply of Washing Machines   
Annual Rate Contract for Courier Services   
Procurement of Dental Setup with allied supplies and works at Dispensary NITIE   
NIQ 2nd call - Patch Plaster repairing at flat No.10-A Transit   
Annual Rate Contract for Supply of Office Stationery   
Anti-termite treatment at Gilbreth Hall, Admn. Section and Old Auditorium   
Enquiry for replacement of main doors of 168 rooms and repairs to door frames at Gilbreth Hall  Corrigendum 
Enquiry for supply of workstations and chairs for classroom no. 407 at ALB   
Maintenance and service contract for window and split air conditioners and water coolers   
Providing pandal & stage arrangement for XXV convocation to be held on 14/09/2019   
Enquiry for Patch plaster repairing at flat No.10A Transit,Type-II13,PGPM 8,15,Server room at VSH etc.   
Enquiry for pedestals for water coolers at Gilbreth Hall  Corrigendum 
Replacement of G.I. pipeline for flushing, potable and hot water at Gilbreth Hall   

Patch plaster repairing at flat No.10-A Transit, Type-II/13, PGPM/8,15, Server room at Vikram Sarabhai Hall & Internal   Painting of Flat-10A/Transit building. 

Construction of platform for dust bins @ corner of STP   
Enquiry for spot quotation   
Wiring for computer lab in classroom no.407 at ALB   
Enquiry for supply and installation of split air conditioners   
Enquiry for internal painting to 1st and 2nd floor rooms at Gilbreth Hall  Corrigendum 

Replacing existing RCC Chajjas with FRP Chajja at Type-IV(16-23) Building  

Tender for Disposal of Obsolete, Unserviceable Capital items    
P/F water-proof tarpaulin sheet 300 GSM & FRP sheet temporary sheds for 1 monsoon period on terrace of Placement Cell, Old Library stack room Store Section, Canteen staff room (MDP), OCA tank area, New gate & Director's bungalow at IITB.  Corrigendum 
Repairs to flat No.26 of Sindhu Building (Type-IV/24-31)   
Waterproofing treatment at terrace of Hoogli (Type-III/1-8) building.  
Replacement of damaged window frames & shutters at PGPM flat No.15/16, Type-V/18 & 21  
Binding of Library Books & Journals Corrigendum
Printing of MDP Calendar, Course Brochures, Covering Letters and Window Envelopes etc. for 2019-20  
Procurement of Metal Racks Double Sided Corrigendum
Hiring of Ambulance Vehicle  
Replacing balcony hand-rails at Type-V (17-22) building  
Providing fresh air-duct at canteen of Taylor Hall  
Proposed interior work at rear wing of 6th floor ALB for NITIE at Powai Mumbai
Minutes of pre-bid meeting
Internal/External painting to Campus Buildings of NITIE  
Enquiry for purchase of electrical material  
Providing soft boards at ALB class rooms, clusters & departments                                        
Up-gradation of 03 nos. passenger elevators in Gilbreth Hall and Research Centre Building at NITIE Mumbai. Corrigendum
All Weather Outdoor Gym Equipment Corrigendum
Providing Canteen Services at Pragati Vihar (Residence for Industry Executives) and Office, NITIE.  Corrigendum
Annual Rate Contract for Supply of Copier Paper for 2018-19   
PEDOSCAN Corrigendum 
Reconstruction of broken compound wall behind nursery towards durgah   
TENDER DOCUMENT FOR TRANSPORT SERVICES (Hiring of Passenger/Tourist Vehicles)   
Quotations are invited for various works   
Integrated Information Technology Facilities and Service Management   
Fogging treatment around campus buildings   
Painting to Class-rooms at ALB  Corrigendum
Rate Contract for supply of Medicines required to Dispensary, NITIE  
Integrated Information Technology Facilities and Services Management Corrigendum
Request for Proposal for Design, Development, Configuration & Implementation of Cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning System   
Rate contract for purchase of electrical material for maintenance work   
Enquiry for Renovation of Kitchen at Vikram Sarabhai Hall.  


Public Notices

GOI Resolution on Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer 

The Government of India has authorized the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) as the ‘Designated Agency’ to receive written complaints for disclosure on any allegation of corruption or misuse of office and recommend appropriate action.

The jurisdiction of the Commission in this regard would be restricted to any employee of the Central Government or of any corporation established by or under any Central Act, government companies, societies or local authorities owned or controlled by the Central Government. 

Personnel employed by the State Governments and activities of the State Governments or its Corporations etc. will not come under the purview of the Commission.
In this regard, the Commission, which will accept such complaints, has the responsibility of keeping the identity of  the complainant secret.

Hence, it is informed to the general public that any complaint, which is to be made under this resolution  should comply with the following aspects. 

 i) The complaint should be in a closed / secured envelope.
 ii) The envelope should be addressed to Secretary, Central Vigilance Commission and should be superscribed “Complaint under The Public Interest Disclosure”. If the envelope is not super scribed and closed, it will not be  possible for the Commission to protect the complainant under the above resolution and the complaint will be dealt with as per the normal complaint policy of the Commission. The complainant should give his/her name and address in the beginning or end of complaint or in an attached letter.
 iii) Commission will not entertain anonymous/pseudonymous complaints.
 iv) The text of the complaint should be carefully drafted so as not to give any details or clue as to his/her identity. However, the details of the complaint should be specific and verifiable.
v) In order to protect identity of the person, the Commission will not issue any acknowledgement and the whistle-blowers are advised not to enter into any further correspondence with the Commission in their own interest. The Commission assures that, subject to the facts of the case being verifiable, it will take the necessary action, as provided under the Government of India Resolution mentioned above. If any further clarification is required, the Commission will get in touch with the complainant.

4. The Commission can also take action against complainants making motivated/vexatious complaints under this Resolution.

5. A copy of detailed notification is available on the web-site of the Commission


Issued in Public Interest by the Central Vigilance Commission, INA, Satarkta

Bhawan, New Delhi.



Central Vigilance Commission