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Mukundan R

Assistant Professor

Group: Operations Management

Area: Engineering and Technology Management

Research Areas of Interest and Specialisation:

My research and learning interest lies in the intersection of three domains under Management of Technology – intellectual property, innovation and technology strategy.

The broad question which drives my research and teaching interest is – How do innovation and IP relate?

This includes IP portfolio formation and its analysis in terms of technical quality, Patent Pooling, Standards and IP strategies, Philosophical rationale for IP, Technology Risk management, Foresight and Roadmap preparation, Technology and Innovation strategies followed, R&D Management.

Contact Details:

Mukundan R

OCA #223,


Vihar Lake Road, Mumbai 400087


+91-22-2857 3371, extn: 537

Fax: +91-22-2857 3251


Alma Mater:

IIT Bombay, NLSIU, Bangalore, PSG Tech, Coimbatore