IAMOT 2019 | 28th International Conference on Management of Technology
(April 07th - April 11th 2019)

National Institute of Industrial Engineering

Welcome to 28th International Conference of the International Association for Management of Technology

Managing Technology for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

Inclusive growth is economic growth that creates an opportunity for all segments of the population and distributes the dividends of increased prosperity, both in monetary and non-monetary terms, fairly across society. Sustainable development refers to development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable economic growth is the growth that balances the 3 pillars- economic, social, and environmental considerations. Understanding the complex connections and interdependence of these three pillars requires constant effort. Globalisation and technological advances have increased our ties across geographical boundaries and perhaps transformed the way we think and live. Yet the society at large does not share the same circumstances, lifestyles or opportunities. To encourage sustainable and inclusive development it is critical to have a full consideration of issues of technology and innovation. Access to new and appropriate technologies (in all sectors like healthcare, education) and their judicious adoption and diffusion promote steady improvements in living conditions, economic growth of the country and drive productivity gains. There is a need for firms to strategize their technological capability, and competence at addressing global challenges such as ageing populations, climate change, food security and health pandemics. The interaction of technological, regulatory, commercial, and social factors needs to be well understood. The positive and the negative impacts need to be carefully assessed in an open manner involving the scientific community, government, business, academicians and the public. More specifically, to have inclusive growth and meet the local needs of developing countries, technologies need to be developed and managed differently as compared to developed world. Good management of technologies and appropriate policy frameworks provides access to technology to a larger section of the society leading to inclusive growth. The IAMOT 2019 will bring together leading experts, both industry, academics and policymakers from developed, emerging and developing economies. The conference will aim to address the following

-What is the potential of new technologies and innovations as engines of growth?
-Where will the technological change have the largest impact?
-How can policy best support the adoption and Diffusion of new technologies and innovations for the sustainable and inclusive growth?


National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), established in 1963 by the Government of India. It is one of the leading Institute for Industrial Engineering and Management of India. The Institute offers five programs at postgraduate level-Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering (PGDIE), Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management (PGDIM), Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Safety and Environmental Management (PGDISEM), Post Graduate Diploma in Manufacturing Management (PGDMM), Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management (PGDPM). In addition, NITIE offers Post Graduate Program for Executives- Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing (PGPEX-VLFM) and Fellow (Doctoral) Programme too.


The International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT)
IAMOT is the only international organization dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in MOT education and research. As such, tadalafil the majority of our members are faculty and students of degree-granting academic institutions. IAMOT is a non-governmental, non-profit organization incorporated in 1992 in the State of Florida, USA. Its purpose is to encourage high-quality research and education in the field of management of technology (MOT). It accomplishes this purpose through various activities, including sponsoring international conferences; publishing newsletters/periodicals, conference proceedings, a book series and a scholarly archival journal on MOT and Innovation (Technovation). It also supports a number of other internationally recognized journals. IAMOT acts as an information exchange hub on teaching and research issues in MOT. The association has approximately 670 active members from 79 countries. IAMOT is chartered as a non-profit professional association in the USA and is governed through established bylaws. IAMOT membership meets at least once a year during the International Management of Technology conference. IAMOT has a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee, both elected annually.

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