IAMOT 2019 | 28th International Conference for Management of Technology
(April 07th - April 11th 2019)

National Institute of Industrial Engineering
Industry Tours
Date: 11th April 2019, Thursday
Timings: 9 to 12.30 PM

1.      Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), IIT Bombay

Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), is an umbrella for fostering entrepreneurship and nurturing tech start- ups at IIT Bombay. It administers a business    incubator which provides support for technology based entrepreneurship and facilitates the conversion of research activity into entrepreneurial ventures. Set up in    2004, it is one of the earliest incubators in academia with a potential to create economic growth, strategic value and social relevance. Over a period of time SINE has    supported 120+ startups, 330+ entrepreneurs and 300+ innovators and 3500+ employment has been generated by SINE companies. SINE offers start-to-end support to    innovators and entrepreneurs.

   Website: http://www.sineiitb.org

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2.    Biomedical Engineering & Technology (incubation) Centre, IIT Bombay

BETiC is funded by the Rajiv Gandhi S&T Commission of Maharashtra Government and the Department of S&T, New Delhi. Major objectives are: Establishing an integrated facility, Developing selected medical devices, Device manufacturing and testing, Facilitating ‘bench-to-bed’ translation, Training suitable human resources. The Centre will include state-of-the-art labs for bio-mechanics, medical modelling, 3D scanning, CAD/CAE/CAM, prototyping, pilot manufacturing, materials characterization, bio-mechanical testing, telemedicine and virtual surgery.

   Website: http://www.betic.org

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3.      Tata Centre for Technology and Design, IIT Bombay

Tata Centre for Technology and Design has been established for the purpose of developing & designing technology solutions to take on the unmet needs of resource-constrained communities. Using an end to end innovation approach, the Centre acts as a virtual centre with research and academic components that draw faculty members and graduate students from various units across IIT Bombay. This program places heavy emphasis on solutions across the health care, energy, water, food, agriculture, education, housing and waste management domains. Tata Centre helps the faculty and students solve the social challenges in a holistic way, by designing novel solutions with an optimal combination of performance and cost, and taking the solutions to the society through various scale up mechanisms.

   Website: http://www.tatacentre.iitb.ac.in

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