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Leave intimation to the office of Director
LTC Advance Form LTC_Advance_Bilingual_Form_2018_upload.pdf application/pdf (201.31 KB)
CL Application Form CL_Form.pdf application/pdf (214.5 KB)
EL Application Form EL_Form.pdf application/pdf (335.37 KB)
Medical Reimbursement Form - English Medical_English.pdf application/pdf (436.97 KB)
Medical Reimbursement Form - Hindi Medical_Hindi.pdf application/pdf (439.53 KB)
Administrative Approval 01_Addministative_approval_200217_1.pdf application/pdf (442.44 KB)
Purchase Committee Report 02_Purchase_Committee_report_200217.pdf application/pdf (484.87 KB)
Financial Approval 03_Finanacial_Approval_200217.pdf application/pdf (392.72 KB)
Store Issue Note 04_Stores_Issue_Note_200217.pdf application/pdf (443.32 KB)
Form GSR-501 - Form for Declaration of Assets and Liabilities Form_GSR_501.doc application/msword (314.5 KB)
Proforma-Immovable Property Form_Annual_Review_of_Property_Returns_2016_1.docx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document (14.76 KB)
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