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 Our education has got to be revolutionized. The brain must be educated through the hand. If I were a poet, I would write poetry on the possibilities of five fingers. Those who do not train their hands, who go through the ordinary rut of education, lack MUSIC in their life.”-          Mahatma Gandhi


Mandi @ NITIE

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What is Mandi ?


Mandi is an innovative pedagogy for effective learning. In Mandi pedagogy students are assigned to engage in street selling of educational aids merchandise for a day and the experience is integrated with regular academic learning processes. Mandi Field experience is utilized to impart MBA curriculum at NITIE. Adding a unique dimension, Mandi merchandise is supplied by Mumbai based NGO – Navnirmithi, which works for better teaching methods for imparting mathematics, science subjects to the underprivileged schools.


Why Mandi?


Mandi pedagogy is designed to bridge the gap between - Theory and Practice, Knowing and Doing.  Mandi pedagogy is Self sufficient system of education having medium of instruction is ‘Practice’ leading to holistic development of Mandi learners  involving the Head, Heart, and Hand. Mandi  pedagogy has roots in Gandhian system of education called Nai Taleem.



How Mandi?


Mandi pedagogy systematically integrates the curricular and Mandi field  experiences through THREE phases process:   Pre-Mandi training, Mandi field sales experience and Post Mandi feedback and reflective sessions.  Faculty teams  delivering various courses collaborates in an orchestrated fashion so as to utilize the students’  Mandi  experiences and integrate the same while delivering the class room inputs.  Further, students are entrusted to work on various curricular assignments on the Mandi field experience theme  so as to enable the students to appreciate the class room concepts for their application in the field.   


Application of  Mandi?


At NITIE, Mandi faculty members have successfully integrated Mandi pedagogy  with MBA curriculum subjects viz.,


  • Business Leadership and Strategy


  • Business Economics


  • Organization and Management


  • HRM


  • Communication skills


  • Organizational Behavior


  • Personality Development


  • Sales and Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Market Research


We @ NITIE are happy to extend Mandi pedagogy  to any  other academic institutions in the country who is interested in Mandi .



Vision for  Mandi 


Mandi pedagogy has got the potential to get extended to any kind of learning context with out any limitations.  At present, we @  NITIE are researching to extend this pedagogical model to as many learning contexts viz.,   Entrepreneurship, Social work, Legal Studies, Engineering, Architecture, Commerce  and business management.  



Industry Captains Comments  on Mandi




Mandi experience will allow total immersion in a key business process: it is a true innovation in business management education and I wish it all success.


 -  Dr Ganesh Natarajan, Global CEO, Zensar Technologies






It is wonderful thing to understand and still a concept like Mandi can be practiced. Believe me, I am speaking from the heart, it I was 20 years like you all, I would have actually joined you guys for Mandi


 -  Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal, CEO Bayer Pharmaceuticals











Mandi  is a novel idea Prof. Prasad has taken, to inculcate business orientation among the students, ‘Think like a business man ‘ 


 -  Mr. Ved Prakash Arya, Former COO, Pantaloon



I am sure this Mandi  day could be one of the tipping pints for many of you, which will change the life, the way you look at, the way you are going to do the things in life. It is going to give a new perspective in life


 -  Mr. Masood Aslam, CEO, Chiron Panacea Vaccines..


















 -  Mr. R Suresh, MD, StantonChase International 








-          Mr. Dev Bhattacharya,

Executive President ,  Strategy and Business Development, Aditya Birla groups   










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Are you interested in  Mandi  pedagogy.. ?



Contact:  Dr Mandi, Faculty Adviser, NITIE Center for Student Enterprises, Mumbai