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The Business Game Contest

The chain is as strong as it’s weakest link………

The markets today are not growing as fast as the capacities, resulting in fierce competition. As a consequence, firms and organizations have been innovating ways of surviving in such highly complex and uncertain situations. One such modern innovation in management practices is a new way of looking at organizations, their customers and suppliers through long-term collaborative and co-operative relationships. Consequently, the competition is no longer between individual firms, but among networks of firms consisting of suppliers, customers and producers of goods and services. Such networks or supply chains have to operate on principles and paradigms quite different from those governing individual firms/organizations. Even though supply chains have been in existence since time immemorial, Supply Chain Management (SCM) as a formal management discipline is of recent origin.

In the light of above arguments its very much clear that if a company is to manage its total costs, quality, cycle time, and even technology, it needs to be able to manage its supply chains. The game, hence, has been designed to capture many of the challenges involved in supporting dynamic supply chain practices, while keeping the rules of the game simple enough to entice a large number of competitors to submit entries.

The teams of size two each, can participate from B-schools and corporate both. The teams would be screened on the basis of a case study available on the web-link:
www.lakshya-nitie.com. Six teams will be selected by evaluating case solutions. Each team will be provided with a PC which will retrieve information from a central server.