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Industrial Enggineering & Manufacturing Systems

Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Systems (IEMS)

The area Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Systems (IEMS) in NITIE is formed as a result of a merger between two areas namely Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Systems

Industrial Engineering refers to design and improvement in work systems and is firmly entrenched on the philosophy in

of continuous improvement of these work systems which are integrated form of people, product (or service) and processes. Concentrated originally in the ambience of production sector it has adapted well enough over the years to be highly useful in service sector as well. Large repertoire of analytical and heuristic tools and techniques evolved over the years have helped the discipline grow to its present state.  The discipline supports the industry immensely in achieving its intended objectives of improving productivity and retain its customer centric focus in terms of product quality, delivery and cost. Industrial Engineering discipline while principally catering to the PGDIE program, meets the curriculum requirements of almost all other programs in NITIE to varying degrees.

Manufacturing Systems refers to the various method of organizing production. Many types of manufacturing systems are in place, including assembly lines, batch production and computer-integrated manufacturing to current day 3-D printing. This area predominantly caters to the need of the newly introduced program in NITIE curriculum (PGDMM) and is in line with the Make in India philosophy.

Indicative list of Coursescovered by Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Systems area at NITIE Mumbai includes Industrial Engineering and Productivity Management, Quality Management, System Dynamics, Business Process Re-Engineering, Product Lifecycle Management, Business Decision Models, Strategic New Product Development,  Work System Design,  Industrial Ergonomics, Business Process Modelling,  Physical Work Environment, Workplace Health & Stress Management, Quality Engineering & Control, Ergonomics of Manufacturing, Manufacturing System Design & Management, Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing Strategy, Production Planning and Control etc.


List of Faculty Members of the Area


Prof. Ashok K. Pundir


Prof. KVSS Narayan Rao


Prof. L. Ganapathy


Prof. Milind Akarte

Associate Professor

Prof. Padmanav Acharya

Associate Professor and Area Coordinator

Prof. Priyanka Verma

Assistant Professor

Prof. Rauf Iqbal

Associate Professor

Prof. Suman Mukhopadhyay

Associate Professor

Prof. Vivek Khanzode

Associate Professor