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Mind to Market Centre (MMC)

Providing Cross- functional clarity and building multidisciplinary capabilities in its students become a foremost differentiator for NITIE. This can be achieved by creating a seamless facility that integrates the various facets of product and process development. Such an infrastructure would validate the multitude of dimensions and perspective of preliminary concept and convert into a successful process and product. A Centre would stimulate the student creativity and help translate their ideas into implementable action- product, process or business model development.

Mind to Market Centre (MMC) host a multitude of facilities accessible for NITIE’s students to work on their thoughts and create successful prototypes.

Centre Objectives:

The objective of MMC is to provide a seamless and integrated centre that would enable the NITIE students to visualise and transfer and transfer their ideas and prototypes into successful solution designed to improve the productivity and efficiency of the industry. The MMC will include the following facilities:

·         Concept generation analysis and selection

·         Economics feasibility studies

·         Psychological analysis of alignment between product characteristics and Market needs

·         Innovation and New Product Development especially in the intersection of technology, operation and leadership.

·         Design for Manufacturing Excellence – prototype design that incorporate ergonomics, human psychological needs, new material and processes and evaluation.

About Centre:

MMC (Mind to Market) was established at NITIE during 2016-2017. This Centre will give an opportunity to the students and researchers for hands-on training and research on Internet of things which include different microcontrollers, sensor and actuators, Lego kits such as Wedo and EV3. Centre also has Dassault Systemes which provides 3D Experience Platform, Delmia, Simulia which will efficiently plan manage and optimize all industrial operation.

Faculty Profile:

Prof. (Ms.) Karuna Jain Centre Co-ordinator (Engineering Technology and Project Management)

Prof. V. B. Khanapuri (Project Management, Maintenance Management, BPR, IT)

Prof. Rauf Iqbal (Ergonomics and Human factor engineering)

Prof. Vivek V. Khanzode (Operation management and lean Manufacturing)

Prof. Sumi Jha (Organizational behaviour and Human Resource Management)

Prof. Sanjeev Verma (Marketing Research and Marketing Analytics)

Prof. R Mukundan (Intellectual Property and Innovation Management, Manufacturing Strategy, industry4.0)

Mr. Nikhil S Ghag

Research Assistant

Mr. Akshay Ruikar

Research Assistant

Research Domain:

1.       Smart Factory

2.       Rapid Prototyping

3.       Internet of things

4.       Industrial Robotics

Ongoing Projects:

1.       Study on Workstation and work tools of Terracotta handicraft industry and design intervention.

                                            Terracotta project Field visit and Proposed designed

2.       Machine to Machine Connectivity, connectivity of pneumatic tightening tools and conveyer for better quality control.