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Name of the committee:                                                                                           


Tag line: Nurturing Young Social Entrepreneurs

Vision:  Green, prosperous and financially stable Indian society

Mission: Facilitating underprivileged and providing opportunity for sustainable growth

About the committee:

Enactus is a global community that unites students, academia, business and industrial community together in a single platform and work for sustainable growth of society. Students get the opportunity to use their entrepreneurial skills to benefit society by creating employment opportunities for needy people and ensuring sustainable growth for all.

Having taken many projects, NITIE has a part of Enactus community since 2005. Enactus-NITIE has undertaken following projects in the past:

Project Fingyan- Educating people living near NITIE campus and making them aware how to use ATM.

Project E-Jaagran- Educating people how to use the internet effectively and how to fill the online forms.

Project Ojaswini- Empowering women through training and helping them in making and selling paper bags.

Current Project:

Project Chatr which aims to start mushroom cultivation at KhambachaPada, Mumbai. The project was selected keeping in mind the ground realities. Khambacha pada is a house to 81 tribal families. People here are farmers. Due to paucity of water crops can be grown only during monsoon. For other 6 months of the year people do daily wage labor to earn their living. Selling forest produce, gardening, construction laborers and the like are the common activity that see them through during the non-monsoon season. This leads to inconsistent and unsteady source of income for the families. We have identified a 8 member team from the village, on the basis of their financial condition and intent to work on this project. An intensive training program for mushroom cultivation will be provided by a reputed agriculturist. Also market has been identified to sell the yield thereby securing the demand for the produce.

Roles & Responsibility:The committee strives to create employment opportunities for needy people and ensuring sustainable growth for all. The committee currently executing Project Chatr. Roles and responsibilities of each team member is given below:

Project Lead: Nikhil Nath

1. Project Execution

  • Koustub Kharosekar
  • Bhavnesh Agle
  • Pandurang Nayak

2. Market Identification

  • Vivek Kumar
  • Sourabh Khurana
  • Vivekanand
  • Vikas Chandra
  • Sagar Sinha

3. SHG and Certification Details

  • Vimal S
  • Nipim Jain

4. Finance and Costing

  • Divya Bhojane
  • Jayasimha G
  • Sandeep Shankar

Committee Structure:

President:Sandeep Shankar

Treasurer:Divya Bhojane

Chief Coordinators:

1.      Nikhil Nath

2.      Vivek Kumar

Total Strength of the committee is 30. The committee has 15 members each from the senior and the junior batch.


E-Mail id: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it           

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Enactus-NITIE/494023287363378

Faculty In-Charge:Prof. V.B. Khanapuri