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Advance Manufacturing Centre of Excellence (AMCE)

Centre Objectives:

“To conduct and disseminate research in Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Processes”.

About Centre:

Advanced Manufacturing Centre of Excellence (AMCE) – A DST project under FIST (Funds for Improvement of Science and Technology) was established at NITIE during 2006-07. This Centre will give an opportunity to the students and researchers for hands-on training and research on FMS, CIM, including operation, control and programming of various computer controlled machines such as XL Mill, XL Turn, Aristo Robots, Automated Storage/Retrieval (AS/RS) systems, Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), Automatic Assembly Station and Rapid Prototyping machine. Two Rapid Prototyping (RP) System ZPrinter 310 Plus and Ultimaker 3 Extended for 3D printing solutions and EinScan Pro handheld 3D Scanner is available in the centre.

Faculty Profile:

Akarte, Milind M

PhD (IIT Bombay), M Tech (IIT Bombay),

BE (Production Engineering)

Areas of Interest: Industrial Engineering,

Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt, Manufacturing Strategy, MCDM, Additive Manufacturing

Narkhede, Balkrishna

Ph.D. (University of Mumbai),

M  Tech. (VNIT Nagpur),

B.E. (Production Engineering)

Areas of Interest: Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Systems, World Class Manufacturing


Verma, Priyanka

PhD (IIT Kanpur), M Tech (IIT Kanpur),

BE (Mech.)

Areas of Interest: Supply Chain,

Operations, Quantitative Techniques

Mukundan, R


Areas of Interest: Intellectual Property and

Innovation Mgmt, Manufacturing Strategy,

Strategic New Product Development,

Systems Thinking

Khanapuri, Vivek B

Fellow (NITIE), MBA, BE

Areas of Interest: Project Mgmt,

Maintenance Mgmt, BPR, & IT


Gokhale, Ravindra S

PhD (IISc Bangalore), M Tech (IIT

Bombay), BE (Prod.)

Areas of Interest: Operations Mgmt,

Business Statistics, Applied Multivariate

Analysis, Supply Chain Mgmt

Khanzode, Vivek

Prof. I/C (AMCE)

PhD (IIT Kharagpur),      

M Tech (IIT

Kharagpur) BE

Areas of Interest: Lean

Manufacturing, Worksystem Design

Research Domains:

1.      Flexible Manufacturing Systems

2.      Additive Manufacturing

3.      Lean Manufacturing

Ongoing Projects:

1.      Impact of Additive manufacturing on Supply Chain Management

2.      Impact of Supply Chain on Additive Manufacturing

3.      Enablers and Barriers of Additive Manufacturing

4.      Need for adopting worksystem model

5.      Exploring leanness-competitiveness linkage

6.      Application of VSM in E-T-O environment

7.      Agent based modeling of lean systems

8.      Performance modeling of Flexible manufacturing systems

9.      Impact of Additive Manufacturing on competitiveness

10.  Performance modeling of Digital Manufacturing firms

11.  Study of outbound supply chain of milk product manufacturing plant

Infrastructure at AMCE:


XLMILL is aCNC milling machine with a 6-station automatic tool changer. The machine is run with Fanuc control system. XLMILL can be interfaced and integrated with the robot, Automatic storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), linear conveyor to form FMS and CIM systems.


XLTURN is a slant bed turning centre with a 8 station programmable turret. The machine is run with Fanuc control system. Can be interfaced and integrated with the robot, Automatic storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), linear conveyor to form FMS and CIM systems. Also, the machine is equipped with accessories like loading and unloading devices, pneumatic chuck and auto door.

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS):

ASRS is a floor standing automatic material handling system. It consists of 8 cells in a single column and is expandable. It consists of a pneumatic arm on a platform to pull and push the pallet. The platform is traversed in X and Y axis by belt and AC servo motor.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV):

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) used for material handling between stations in an FMS/CIM setup. Maximum load carrying capacity is 30 kg with travel speed of 20m/min. It is used for transport of material between AS/RS and XLMILL/XLTURN

Aristo Robot:

Aristo is a 6 axis articulated robotic arm of industrial design. The robot is capable of lifting up to 2.5 kg of payload. The robot is used with pneumatic grippers. Aristo has MRobot simulation software that allows the students to learn robot function, application and programming both online and offline. The centre is equipped with 2 aristo robots for pick and place applications.

Assembly Station:

It demonstrates assembly function in an industrial automation line. The machine component is brought to assembly station by the linear conveyor. The component gets unloaded on to the assembly module, where the robot will carry out the assembly and present it to vision inspection system for inspection. The station consists of linear conveyor, pick & place units, pneumatic process control for bearing and shaft assembly with Vision Inspection System.

Ultimaker 3 extended RP System:

Additive manufacturing (AM) denotes the family of manufacturing techniques that allows layered production using digital inputs. Centre is equipped with Ultimaker 3 extended Rapid Prototyping system.

EinScan Pro Handheld 3D Scanner:

Reverse engineering, also called back engineering, is the processes of extracting knowledge or design information from a product and reproducing it or reproducing anything based on the extracted information. A 3D scanner is a device that analyses a real-world object or environment to collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance (e.g. colour). The collected data can then be used to construct digital three-dimensional models. Centre is equipped with EinSCan Pro Handheld 3D scanner.

Software Facilities:


Software allows the movement of information between parts of the manufacturing process, and is thus the key to making the system work. The software teaches shop floor design, factory planning, production planning & execution.

Software features: -
1) Online and offline simulation software
Network based data transfer technology implemented for communication of master to equipment
3) Animated help file with step by step execution of software operating procedure


MRobot is a user-friendly software for robot programming and simulation. This software gives you the flexibility to design your applications and import them into the software for simulation. MRobot has graphics which enable you to visualize the robot from various angles as the robot moves in the simulated application. An offline and online software, once your programs are ready and verified the students can use it in the online mode to work the robot.

CNC Train:

CNC TRAIN is a complete CNC training system covering all aspects of CNC set-up & MDI programming and offers 2D and 3D simulation for 2- and 3- axis machining codes. CNC TRAIN has powerful graphics, multifunctional programming capabilities which include Dual View Graphics, Toolpath Graphics and 3D Graphics. The CNCTrain key board simulates a machine control panel, thus enabling students to practice authentic operation and programming on a PC. This makes it easier to learn and saves time when switching to the actual machine.