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Admissions Overview


NITIE offers Post graduate, Management development and Fellow programs.

The following is an exhaustive list of the programs and a small brief describing each one of them 

PGDIE (Since 1971) -  The Flagship Course of NITIE

PGDIE is one of the very few courses that enjoy corporate excellence for over three decades. PGDIE has evolved as a course for developing Managers with cross - functional skills. The most distinctive aspect of PGDIE program in NITIE, is the flexibilty that it offers. PGDIEians work to make things better, be they processes, products or systems.

PGDIE covers a gamut of domains viz, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Systems & IT Management, Project Management to name a few.


The PGDIM course aims at inculcating a holistic approach towards business in some of the brightest brains of the country.It provides the appropriate blend of financial, marketing and operational acumen to mould the managers of tomorrow.


Environmental considerations are becoming an integral part of core business planning. This course aims at redefining the relationship between business and environment on the basis of the cardinal principles of sustainable development.


The PGDITM course engages in nurturing of erudite techno-managers, who, with their forte of domain expertise and IT proficiency can incorporate business smart IT strategies, deploy and execute apposite technology and best of clan practices, thus providing competitive edge to businesses.

Fellowship Programme

The Fellow Programme aims at developing outstanding scholars who explore the inexact science of management with a beyond the obvious perspective.   


The Management Development Programme assists some of the best practising managers in radically changing their perspective about business.It is one of the several ways through which the industry benefits from faculty's rich experience.


Unit Based Programmes are based on the philosophy that every business is unique with its specific needs and requirements. UBPs are customised learning experiences for satisfying these special needs .