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Summer Internship

Summer Internship guidelines

Important Dates    
Summer Internship commences     Second week of April
Duration of Internship     2 Months


Monthly stipend (Rs.15000 per month and above), To and Fro rail/air reimbursement, Incidental Expenses

Project Details

To be communicated to the Placement Office and the concerned student at least three weeks prior to the project commencement date.

Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs)

A company can give a Pre Placement Offer (PPO) to a deserving student undergoing Summer Internship with the organization. A formal letter from the Company, giving job details, salary, etc, should confirm the same to the placement office.

For Clarifications, please contact


Prof. Ashok K Pundir,

Associate Dean (Placement),


VIhar Lake,

Mumbai - 400087

Phone No: +91-22-28574836


E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Summer Internship procedure

  • The placement office contacts the companies for the summer internship.

  • Interested companies send in their requirements, with the project details, to the placement cell.

  • The placement office sends in the students’ resumes (Company/Institute format) to the Companies.

  • The Companies send in the short list of students to the placement office.

  • A mutually convenient date is affixed for conducting the selection process. If the companies desire a SPT (Summer Placement Talk), the same is arranged prior to the recruitment process.

  • The interested companies conduct the summer internship recruitment process at NITIE campus. Selection is typically based on group discussions and/or personal interviews on campus. After the selection process, companies announce the list of selected candidates on the campus itself.

  • Companies, unable to visit the campus, select the students on the basis of student resumes only and/or telephonic interviews.

It is important to note that students apply to several companies and once a student has accepted an offer he/she cannot accept any subsequent offers. Companies are requested to provide a waiting list of students, whom the companies shall consider for summer internship, in case students from the original list have already accepted other offers.

Student Evaluation

The summer intern works under the counsel of a company executive (company project guide) who supervises and evaluates the performance of the student during his/her Summer Internship and sends feedback on the same to the institute, in the evaluation sheet provided by the placement office.

The summer intern submits the summer report to the institute academic office. The student is evaluated by a panel of faculty members including the faculty guide based on the feedback from the Company Project Guide, the project report submitted and the project presentation.