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Important Messages

Message from Director

National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) since its inception is committed to provide world class academic and research environment. The institute encourages productivity in all aspects of the industry through its forte in innovative, learning oriented teaching practices and contemporary industry specific curriculum. NITIE has been ranked 12th amongst all the management institute in India by National Institution Ranking Framework (NIRF) for 2017 and 16th in graduation outcomes. NITIE endeavours significant contribution to nation’s development through its vision and mission

The Fellow Programme aims to develop a strong theoretical foundation through rigorous one-year course work. The fellow programme student pursue their dissertation and create knowledge respiratory is cross-sectoral and cross-functional research.

The Fellow Programme is designed to develop outstanding scholars who explore the science of productivity management with a ‘beyond the obvious’ perspective. NITIE, encourages its scholars to work with the industry and other sectors of economy to find solutions for current and future problems and generate new knowledge through diverse research methodology.

NITIE provides not only education but a lifetime experience to be cherished. NITIE with its beautiful campus referred as “GOD’S OWN CAMPUS”. The faculty at NITIE brings tremendous research strength and a wide variety of industry experience across diverse domains. We would be happy to provide you the suitable platform to pursue your research interest to achieve your goal. We invite you to be a part of our fellow programme and take NITIE to the next level of excellence in research.

Prof. (Ms.) Karuna Jain

Director, NITIE


Message from Dean (Academic)

Welcome to the Fellow programme of NITIE. As a prospective student, I welcome you, and congratulate you for embarking on a exciting and stimulating phase of your development. The ever changing business environment poses new set of challenges and there is always a need to question the existing body of knowledge for it’s suitability & relevance in this changing environment. The existing theories, models need to be understood in the new context. There is need for professionals both in academia and industry who will question the existing theories and apply different research tools to expand the frontiers of knowledge. As a student of our fellow program you will research in the interdisciplinary areas of Industrial Engineering and Management and advance the state of the art in the field you have chosen. The Fellow program at NITIE  nurtures the students deep seated curiosity by exposing them to different research tools which are required to answer the research questions. Furthermore, the academic curriculum also integrates with the industry through its different outreach activities which enable students to be innovative and creative. The students over their duration of program will be transformed as capable individuals to take up interdisciplinary research which will benefit research, academia and industry alike.

Looking forward to see you at NITIE.

Prof. Vivekanand Khanapuri

Dean, Academics 


Message from Fellow Programme Coordinator

NITIE fellow programme started in 1984 and since then it has evolved continuously to nurture researchers who can undertake quality research in industrial engineering and allied areas with an interdisciplinary approach. In the fellow program, significant input both on domain knowledge and research methods is provided to help budding researchers transform into erudite individuals. NITIE fellow scholars excel in research, teaching, consulting and business.

Prof. Som Shekhar Battacharya

Fellow Programme Coordinator