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The idea of Samiksha evolved because of a deep felt need for greater interaction between the industry and academic community so as to decipher what shape business would take in the new millennium. This is a step towards integration of theory and practice through better communication between the industry and management students. 

The Samiksha series has covered in depth, all the spheres of Management like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations, Supply Chain Management and Information Technology. Sharing of knowledge by the corporate captains helps students to widen the horizon of their learning process. We made a humble beginning with the Samiksha series "strategies for the next millennium" under which ten panel discussions were organized.  The previous panel discussions in this series have received tremendous support from the students and the Corporate Sector. Some themes for these discussions were:

     1. Marketing Strategies for the Fuzzy Times Ahead  

    2. Management Consultancy: On the learning Curve   

    3. Financial Intermediaries - Poised for a Paradigm Shift   

    4. Logistics: The new weapon in the corporate arsenal   

    5. E-Valuation: Bricks' Envy, Clicks' Pride! 

    6. BPO: Big Promising Opportunity

    7. Services Marketing   

    8. SCM: Survival in Competitive Markets 


The current theme - "Looking beyond the Millennium" focuses on forces that would be instrumental in shaping the businesses in future. There is a fundamental shift in the business environment. Customer focused operations; long term vision and use of information technology as the enabler are the new paradigms. This calls for the companies to re-evaluate their strategies and adopt the industry best practices to be competitive at the global level.  Continuing with the proud tradition of earlier Samikshas, 18th August, 2006 witnessed yet another edition of Samiksha. This time the topic was “Retail in India - Formats and Strategies”. As always we had some distinguished panelists, who gave insightful talks on the topic. The panel consisted of:  

·       Mr Gibson G.Vedamani, CEO, Retailers Association of India   

·       Mr Pinaki Ranjan Mishra, E&Y Consultancy

·       Mr Nimish Shah, VP,RPG Retail

The proceedings started off with fifteen minutes presentation on the topic by each of the panelists. These presentations highlighted the complete working and other nitty-gritties of the retail industry.They stressed upon the pace at which retail industry has developed, the latest changes taking place in the Indian market and its future prospects. Mr Gibson G. Vadamani the moderator for the dicussion set the stage for a eventful discussion by briefing us about the various revolutions which are taking place in organized retail like destination retailing, entry of multinationals through franchise route, increasing significance of apparel formats.  The speakers blessed the audience with the knowledge of key retail fomats like  cash & carry, hypermarket, departmental stores, single market,super markets,Convenience stores,single price denominations.He also informed the audience about the major players in Indian Organised Retail like pantaloons, shoppers stop,Trent,RPG,Pyramid etc and their penetration in Indian market. 

This Samiksha, in keeping with its earlier tradition, provided a lot of interaction between the corporate world and management students. It emerged from the discussion that the Retail Industry provides a plethora of opportunities of growth and development for both individuals and Retail .