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Centre for Supply Chain Management [CSCM]

Supply chain management impacts on all of the steps involved in bringing a product to the marketplace. It is not simply concerned with the actual production of a product; rather it involves the collaboration and coordination of different organisations and departments. Primarily, it allows a business organisation to manage the flow of raw materials, information and money between their business, suppliers and buyers. Supply chain management is important because of the competitive nature of business. There is increased competition from foreign business and the supply of finance and information is easier than ever with modern technology. "The supply chain can be used as a core competitive asset" and can provide the business with numerous advantages over any competitors that fail to place enough emphasis on the management of their supply chain. A small improvement in efficiency at one end of the supply chain could lead to a significant saving for a department further down the line.

One of the more daunting challenges faced by companies across industries is to efficiently manage their supply chains, while still meeting the needs of their customers and business partners. Supply chains are extremely complex and unforgiving entities, making the job of managing them a challenging proposition, even under optimal business conditionsNational Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai (NITIE)has been actively pursuing Supply Chain Management as a major area of teaching and research. With a distinguished faculty including a talented pool of researchers, doctoral and postgraduate students, NITIE has carried out dedicated research, teaching and consulting activities in different aspects of supply chain management covering logistics management, inbound/ outbound transportation analysis, port supply chain productivity, purchasing management, supply chain audits, supply chain management strategies, etc. Based on its interactions with the industry NITIE has recognized the need for an effective mechanism to promote closer and enduring industry-institute collaboration to tackle various issues in effective supply chain management. NITIE proposes to develop the Centre for Supply Chain Management (CSCM).


CSCM Focus

CSCM is positioned as a strategic multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence at NITIE, dedicated to carrying out specialized theoretical and applied research on Supply Chain Management with participation by a multidisciplinary faculty and industry practitioners, thereby nourishing a learning environment conducive to foster innovations in productivity and business development keeping itself in alignment with NITIE’s vision “To be a leader in the knowledge led productivity movement”. The main focus of this centre is to;

·       Conduct research that contribute significantly to the theory and practice of Supply Chain Management

·       Act as a forum to initiate interaction and dialogue on supply chain related issues, challenges and solutions between industry and academia

·       Educate and train practicing executives, increase the pool of Supply Chain Management professionals and develop future industry leaders in areas of Supply Chain Management

·       Increase visibility of Supply Chain Management discipline among management student community

The Centre builds upon the strengths of NITIE in research, education, and integration of inter functional business disciplines to serve as a valuable knowledge generating resource.

Objective of CSCM

The broad objective of CSCM is to;

·         To become a nationally recognized Centre for Supply Chain Management dedicated to developing innovative strategies and practical solutions that address business problems encountered by the enterprises in the management of the end-to-end supply chain

Areas of Research

The proposed areas of research include;

•      Agriculture Supply Chain Management

•      Emerging Supply Chain environments like e-tail logistics, temperature controlled (Cold) Supply Chains, Online Auction Models etc.

•      Supply Chain Optimizations in different sectors

Further, the research in the above areas will cover a wide range of topics such as:  

Supply Chain Design, Capacity & Sourcing Decisions, Sourcing Strategy, Buyer – Supplier Relationship and Vendor Management, Supply Chain Coordination, Information Sharing, Incentives, Contracts & Control, Spares Provisioning and Management, E-Business & Supply Chain Management, Green Supply Chain, Impact of Technology – RFID, Transportation & Warehousing, Value Chain Management, Activity Based Cost Management.

Ongoing Research Projects

1.      Grapes Supply Chain: Bijapur, Karnataka

2.      Medical Supply Chain –In association with Wockhardt Hospital

3.      Agriculture Supply Chain –In association with Vidarbha Industry Association

4.      Cold Supply Chain of Fisheries

5.      Blood Bank Supply Chain –In association with Department of Business Administration Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management Mangalore

CSCM Outcomes and Outputs

The CSCM outputs and deliverables will be in the following areas of domain;


·       Conceptual Research for developing theory

·       Research on SCM strategies and practices

·       Sponsored research

·       Research on specific issues faced by client companies

·       Publications in Reputed International Journals, Book chapters, Text Books

Education & Training

·  Case studies of SCM strategies and practices

·  Networking & Tie ups with peer groups and focused industry

·  Specialized Executive Development Programmes on SCM for practicing executives and Faculty members

Outreach Programmes

·  Conducting Student Roundtable

·  Conducting Research Colloquium

·  Conducting Biennial International Conference

CSCM Faculty

CSCM primarily have its faculty from the Operations & Supply Chain Management (OSCM), Industrial Engineering (IE) and Decision Sciences (DS) academic area. However, as mentioned earlier this centre will be having participation from multidisciplinary academic areas like Manufacturing Management, Project Management, Marketing management etc. and will not be limited to specific academic expertise.




Prof. (Ms) Karuna Jain,

Director, NITIE


Prof. A K Pundir

Professor, Industrial Engineering


Prof. Sanjay. S Sharma

Professor, Operations & SCM


Prof. Sachin S. Kamble

Associate Professor, Operations & SCM


Prof. Ravindra Gokhale

Assistant Professor, Operations & SCM


Prof. Rakesh Raut

Assistant Professor, Operations & SCM



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Prof. Ravindra Gokhale

Professor Co-ordinator, CSCM



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