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Mukundan R.


Primary:     Engineering and Technology Management

Secondary: Manufacturing Management



Personal Home Page


Educational Qualifications

Ph.D., Innovation and Intellectual Property, IIT Bombay

PGDIPRL, National Law School of India University, NLS Bangalore

B.E. (Electrical and Electronics, Sandwich) PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore

Academic Affiliation - Current

Assistant Professor, NITIE

Professional Affiliations

Member IEEE

Member, IP sub-committee, Telecom Standards Development Society of India, TSDSI

Member, Innovations & Standards Technical Committee, IEEE Communications Society

Industrial Work Experience: Associate Team Lead (R&D), Midas Communication Technologies Pvt. Ltd – Have detailed practical experience across the complete technology and product life cycle functions in a R&D organisation – ideation, presales, architecture and manufacture, to end of life.

Area Of Research

My research is in the intersection of Technology Strategy, Innovation and Intellectual Property. Passionate researcher to link the theoretical and applied research aspects of strategic management of technology with an inclination to have a systems perspective of the linkages. This helps to understand, evolve and leverage the fundamental dynamics of technology intensive systems and projects. Broadly, the research interests can be classified as:

1.    Dynamics of Innovation, IP and Technology strategy - strategic use of patent pools, IP Portfolio formation and analysis, Innovation models.

2.    Commons, Intellectual Property and Strategy linkages.

3.    Technology Foresight, Roadmaps, Risk and IP intelligence.

4.    Manufacturing strategy, New Product Development and Digital Business Models.

5.    Innovation dynamics in large complex systems and government organisations like space, defence and public health.

Publications/ Articles – Select


1.    Mukundan Raghavan, Karuna Jain, Shishir K. Jha, ‘Integrating the Technology and IP strategy of a firm: A view from the commons theory lens’, IIM Bangalore Management Review, 2014, Elseiver.

2.    Mukundan R and Karuna Jain (2012), ‘Enhancing a firm’s strategic IP Management System – the role of IP Quality’, Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, 17(5).


1.    Mukundan R., Karuna Jain “A System Dynamics Model for patent strategy of a firm”, 25th Annual Production and Operations Management Society Conference (POMS), Atlanta, 2014 - Presentation.

2.    Mukundan R., Karuna Jain, “Defensive Patent Pools – a strategic response to patent trolls”, 2nd International Conference on Management of Intellectual Property and Strategy, MIPS 2014,  Mumbai, 2014 - Presentation.

3.    Bindu S. Kelaskar, Mukundan R., Karuna Jain, “An approach to develop technology roadmaps using patent analytics”, 2nd International Conference on Management of Intellectual Property and Strategy, MIPS 2014,  Mumbai, 2014 - Presentation.

4.    Karuna Jain, Mukundan R., “A System Dynamics Model for Intellectual Property Management”, 24th Annual Production and Operations Management Society Conference (POMS), 2013 - Presentation.

5.    Mukundan R., Karuna Jain, Bindu S. Achari, (2013), ‘Standards, Innovations and Commercialisation – The role of essentiality and applicability of patents’, presented at the 3rd IPR Researchers Confluence, Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, IIT Kharagpur - Presentation.

6.    Mukundan R., “Identifying and Managing Irreversibility in Ubiquitous Technologies: Case of Telecommunications”, Invited Poster by Early Career Researcher, 4th Indo-German Frontiers of Engineering Research Symposium, June 2012, Halle-Merseberg, Germany, Organised by DST, Govt. Of India and Humboldt Foundation, Germany – Invited Early career researcher.

7.    Mukundan R., Karuna Jain, Annapoornima M.S. (2012), ‘Analysing the cost of patent pools thróugh knowledge spillovers’ Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Management of Intellectual Property and Strategy MIPS 2012, IIT Bombay, Awarded the best student research paper.

Books / Book Chapters

1.    Karuna Jain, Mukundan R., Dharmesh Gupta, ‘Mapping Innovations in the Disruptive Innovation Realm in India: What and Where in the National Pyramid of India’ in Disruptive Innovation in Chinese and Indian Businesses: The Strategic Implications for Local Entrepreneurs and Global Incumbents, Edited by Peter Ping Li, Routledge publishers, February 2013.

2.    Karuna Jain and Mukundan R. IP for Development: The Emerging Paradigm, ISBN: 978-81-7425-330-9, 2012. Papers from the 1st International Conference on Management of Intellectual Property and Strategy, MIPS 2012.

Executive Education Programmes

Active member / researcher in National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) activities in Mumbai - trained faculty on technopreneurship, panel discussions on role of IP in academic institutions.

Management Development Programmes

Industry 4.0, Industrial IOT and IOT, Systems thinking and managing business complexity, New Product Development, Patent strategy, Technology Intelligence, Innovation strategy, Frugal and Value Engineering, Strategic Management of Technology, Manufacturing strategy

Consultancy Assignments


NITIE-Indian Constitution Day-2019

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