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List of Fellows of NITIE who have passed out in the last 3 years 
Sr.No. Students Name Viva-Voce Title of Thesis in English
1 Preety Awasthi 12.05.2014 Adoption of CRM Technology: Issuses and Challenges in Multichannel Environment
2 Rashmi Shahu 18.05.2014 Development of Frame Work & Mathematical Model incorporating Flexibility & its application for Building. Construction Projects.
3 Sumana Chaudhuri 19.05.2014 Evaluation of PPP Airport Infrastructure Projects: A Cost Benefir Analysis
4 Diana S 29.05.2014 Some Studies on Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem using Genetic Algorithm
5 Abdullah 15.06.2014 A Study on Organization Knowledge Management Capability
6 Wricha Mishra 09.09.2014 A Study on Occupational Disorders (Playing Related Musculoskeletal Disorders) on Indian Percussionist (Tabla Players) 
7 Jayant Shaligram Brahmane 12.12.2014 Marketing Capability of Manufactring Firms and their Impact on Business Peformance
8 Vanita Bhoola 17.12.2014 Indentification and Response to Software Project Risk: The Indian Context
9 Durgesh Pattanayak 26.02.2015 An integrated model of TQM, service quality and market orientation to improve customer satisfaction and customer loyality in Indian banking sector
10 Rajiv Ranjan Sinha 16.03.2015 Measurement of Maturity of Knowledge Management Process in an Organisation
11 Prashant Kumar 13.04.2015 A Study of Green Practices in Indian Companies
12 Pabitra Kumar Jena 17.04.2015 Determinants and Impact of Foreign Direct Investment into Indian Economy: An Econometric Analysis
13 Neelkanth Dhone 24.04.2015 Development and Validation of an Integrated Supply Chain Operational Performance Model for Indian Automobile Industry
14 Ruchi Mishra 07.05.2015 Development and Validation of Framework for Adoption of Manufacturing Flexibility in Indian Firms
15 Vishal Singh Patyal 25.05.2015 Role of Culture on Quality Practices and Performance: An Empirical Study of Indian Manufacturing Organizations
16 Satish Dulange 15.05.2015 Performance Improvement of Power Loom Textile SMEs: A Study in Select Districts of Maharashtra
17 Bhupendra Kumar Verma 01.06.2015 Study on Dynamic Capability In Sustainability- Strategies Implementaion
18 Vasundhara Pathak 22.06.2015 Health and III-Health Experiences of Indian Working Women in Healthcare Sector
19 Sibananda Senapati 22.06.2015 Socio- economic Implications of Climate Change: A Study of Vulnerability and Efficiency of Coastal Fishing in Mumbai
20 Hemlata Gangwar 25.06.2015 A study on cloud computing adoption in Indian organization
21 Rani Tyagi 14.07.2015 Willingness to Pay for silence- A case Study of Mumbai City
22 Shradha Gawankar 09.09.2015 An Integrated Retail Supply Chain Performance Measurement (RSCPM) Model with Governances Structure as the Moderating Factor for Organized Indian Retail Sector. 
23 Vikrant Vijaya Patil 13.10.2015 Estimation of Carbon Stocks in Mangroves of Mumbai by applying Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques.
24 K Madan 12.11.2015 Software Effort  Estimation Techniques: Challenges to Decision Support in Software Project Management 
25 Milind Jagtap 02.12.2015 Development  and Validation of an Integrated Model of Construction Supply Chain in Indian Context
26 Sanjaysingh Vijayasingh Patil 14.12.2015 Supply-Demand Forecasting and Design of Agri-Food Supply Chain for Transhipment
27 Tanvi Agrawal 21.12.2015 Development of Efficient Algoritms for Passisve RFID Tag Identification
28 Santoshkumar A Phulpagar 22.01.2016 Development of Framework for Strategic Decision Making with focus on the Power Sector
29 Sarang P joshi 28.01.2016 Buyer-Supplier Relationship Development Strategies for Competitive Advantages: Indian Manufacturing Sector 
30 Richa Gautam 11.04.2016  A study on Organisational Capability for Managing Sustainability
31 Ravindra Kumar Verma 16.06.2016 Assessment of Water Quality and Environmental Flow for Water Resource Management : A cade sstudy of Damodar River Basin, Jharkhand, India
32 Nachiket Gosavi 01.07.2016 A Techno- Economic Study on Urban Road Transport ( with special reference to the city of Vadodara)
33 Ram Komal Prasad 15.07.2016 Service Quality of Management Educational in Various Formats of Institutions: A Comparative Study
34 Sarika Jain 29.07.2016 Integrating Work-Family Conflict and Enrichment: A Study of Sales Employees
35 Shreya Maulik 03.08.2016 A Study on Work Related Musculoskeletal Problems among Indian Medical Laboratory Technicians