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Breakthrough Management Workshop – PGPEX VLFM Class of 2019

PGPEX- VLFM Class of 2019 successfully completed the first module of "Break Through Management" at Godrej's Centre of Excellence under able guidance of CII's VLFM team lead by Sunderraman Gopalan with extensive support from Mr. Avinash Lohia and Mr. Shailesh Tiwari and Mr. Nitin Sharma

This three-day workshop formally induced the class of 2019 into the VLFM community imparting deep rooted philosophies that would drive the extensive learning process further on. Insights on effective use of semantics and QFSDP tool to see through the three eyes ( control, incremental improvement and breakthrough) enhanced the skill set of class of 2019.
The Class of 2019, also toured Godrej’s Tooling Division to apply the learnings from the session and put them into practice.