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What is Supply Chain Management?

As management issues extend beyond the boundaries of the organization, companies today are increasingly realizing that it is the effective and end-to-end management of their supply chains that helps them compete for both survival and success. Supply chain management (SCM) is an inter-disciplinary field that deals with enabling the creation and effective delivery of goods and services to the end-consumers.

SCM has typically focused on integration between traditional functions such as product design & development, procurement, manufacturing, location planning, warehousing, transportation, distribution, retail and marketing. However, with shrinking product and technology lifecycles, high risks associated with globalization, political issues and climate change, the management of new technologies (e.g. RFID, blockchain, etc.), supplier financing, reverse logistics, cold chains and humanitarian logistics have emerged as modern supply chain concerns as well.

Supply chains can be observed in any sector and very often require synergistic efforts between players from different sectors, who typically have opposing objectives and needs. For example, the agricultural supply chains need effective coordination to occur from “farm to fork”, which includes integrating upstream efforts from the farmers, food processing companies, collection centres and farm equipment/implements manufacturers, with downstream product movement to consumers enabled by various transportation agencies, packaging companies, certification bodies, funding agencies, government bodies, storage facility providers and the retail industry! Similarly, the supply chain in the automobiles sector involves a large amount of horizontal integration in manufacturing between steel companies, textile companies, paint manufacturers and OEMs, with downstream efforts directed towards building dealership networks, managing transportation agencies and customer care. This makes the management of supply chains a challenging problem that is complex, dynamic and extremely interesting.

Centre for Supply Chain Management (CSCM)

NITIE has been actively pursuing Supply Chain Management as a major area of teaching and research. Courses such as SCM, procurement, ERP, materials management and logistics management are an integral part of the curriculum and are also taught in a more customized format in various executive outreach programmes by NITIE faculty. In addition, the faculty, doctoral scholars and post-graduate students regularly carry out dedicated research and consulting in various fields such as port logistics, supplier evaluations, supply chain audits, green supply chain management, cement supply chains, network optimization, etc. As a result, NITIE has a long history of alumni in prime supply chain job profiles in leading companies in industries spanning FMCG, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, automobiles, etc.

NITIE has recognized the need for an effective mechanism to promote closer and enduring industry-institute collaboration to make advances in SCM. The Centre for Supply Chain Management (CSCM) is positioned as a strategic multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence at NITIE, dedicated to carrying out specialized theoretical and applied research on Supply Chain Management.

Objective of CSCM

The broad objective of CSCM is

To become a nationally recognized Centre for Supply Chain Management dedicated to developing innovative strategies and practical solutions that address business problems encountered by the enterprises in the management of the end-to-end supply chain

The main focus of this centre is to:

  • Conduct research that contributes significantly to the theory and practice of Supply Chain Management
  • Act as a forum to initiate interaction and dialogue on supply chain related issues, challenges and solutions between industry and academia
  • Educate and train practicing executives, increase the pool of Supply Chain Management professionals and develop future industry leaders in areas of Supply Chain Management
  • Increase visibility of the Supply Chain Management discipline within the student community

People at CSCM

Given that SCM is an interdisciplinary field, the core faculty at CSCM belong to different disciplines which enriches the activities of the centre.

Core CSCM Faculty

Prof. Karuna Jain


Director (NITIE)


Engineering Technology & Project Management

Prof. Manoj K. Jha



Marketing Management

Prof. Sachin S. Kamble

Associate Professor


Operations & SCM

Prof. Ravindra S. Gokhale

Assistant Professor


Operations & SCM

Prof. Priyanka Verma

Assistant Professor


Industrial Engineering & Manufacturing Systems

Prof. Sushmita Narayana Aghalaya

Assistant Professor


Operations & SCM

Coordinator, CSCM

Research Interests in CSCM

The research interests of the Centre for Supply Chain Management span the following broad areas:

  • Product Perishability:Agriculture Supply chains, Cold Chain Logistics, Pharmaceutical Supply Chains, Supply Chains in Fisheries
  • Sustainability:Green Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Supply Chains, Reverse Logistics, Closed Loop Supply Chains
  • Technology:Supply chains in E-commerce, IoT for Logistics & SCM, Smart Logistics, Smart Mobility
  • Trade & Logistics:Port Productivity, Shipping Logistics
  • Modelling & Optimization:Supply chain Network Design and Optimization, Location Planning, Coordination, Auctions and Bargaining models, Structural Equation Modelling

Get involved with CSCM

CSCM provides a platform for carrying out problem solving in SCM by offering the following possibilities to the industry and academic community:

Collaborative Research

Carry out research projects, jointly sponsored with CSCM towards:

  • Conceptual research for theory development in SCM
  • Developing an industry outlook for SCM in any sector
  • Development of Case studies in SCM


CSCM provides consultancy support in the form of

  • Solution development for SCM, network optimization, location planning, supplier evaluation and productivity improvement in your organization
  • Feasibility studies for implementation of new initiatives in your supply chain and supply chain auditing

Education & Training

CSCM provides support for education and training on SCM and allied topics in the form of

  • Customized training programmes for executives in your organization
  • Workshops on methodologies, tools, etc., for researchers and industry

SCM Thought Outreach

CSCM provides support for events that enable the dissemination of innovative and unique ideas in SCM and allied areas in the form of:

  • Annual research conference
  • Practice-meets-research forum
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Seminars and talks from leading practitioners and academicians

Get in touch!

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