Online Half Day workshop on " Additive Manufacturing for Competitiveness"


NITIE Mumbai has successfully conducted an Online Half-Day Workshop on “Additive Manufacturing for Competitiveness” on 20th May, 2021. The workshop was conceived by our Director, Prof. Manoj K Tiwari and executed by office of SRIC, NITIE under the leadership of Prof. Vivekanand B Khanapuri along with Prof Milind Akarte and Prof Vivek Khanzode.

The expert panel for the workshop comprised of Prof. Satyendra K Gupta (University of Southern California), Prof. Karunakaran K P (IIT Bombay), Dr. Mukesh Agarwal (3D Product Development Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore) and Prof. Manoj K Tiwari (Director, NITIE).

Prof. Satyendra K Gupta started off by sharing his research expertise on Additive Manufacturing and enlightened the participants with the state-of-the-art approach of combining Additive Manufacturing with Robotics and AI. Prof. Karunakaran focused on how two decades of his research in the domain of Additive Manufacturing has culminated into a advanced system namely Multi-Station Multi- Axis Hybrid Layered Manufacturing (MSMA-HLM). Dr. Mukesh Agarwal shed light on the industrial applications of additive manufacturing and its current status in India. He emphasized on the importance of a fast-paced adoption of additive manufacturing in our country. Prof. Manoj K Tiwari concluded the discussions by presenting the how Additive Manufacturing can transform the supply chains to improve the competitiveness of firms.

The workshop was a perfect blend of research insights and practical applications, received an excellent participation from 220 participants from both academia and industry.

We profusely thank the Experts, Participants for their participation and the organizing team for the impeccable coordination.

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